Connie Parsons School of Dance

Dance Styles & Classes

Dance Styles & Classes


+ Parent & Tot

Ages 18 months - 3 years
This is a very energetic and fun-filled class! Participate in your child's class and watch with amazement as they grow-up and accomplish new skills before your eyes. Through the use of rhymes, stories, music, and extensive dance related activities your child learns to listen to a leader, follow group instruction, and have fun! A great introduction to the world of dance.

+ Pre-Ballet

Ages 3 - 5 years
A great introduction to dance! This class incorporates music and creative movement, which leads children naturally into the study of ballet and other dance forms. Through the use of action songs and imaginative ideas, children learn a foundation of basic dance skills.

+ Tap for Tots

Ages 4 - 5 years
There is a pre-requisite for this class. Students must have completed one year of regular pre-ballet in order to enroll in this extended program which includes ballet and tap for tots. A basic rhythmic introduction to tap adding co-ordination and upbeat rhythms to an already fun filled pre-ballet program.

+ Ballet

The structure and discipline of ballet class allow students to develop balance, poise, flexibility and strength, which are necessary for all dance forms. Our ballet classes include both classical and lyrical combinations in order to broaden our student's exposure to different styles of ballet.

+ Pointe

An extension in the training of ballet for the more developed and experienced student with the physical capability and strength required to support the body in pointe shoes. Pointe is an additional class for students already enrolled in regular ballet classes. (by selection only)

+ Tap

Tap classes are terrific for developing co-ordination and rhythm combined with style. Our classes include Irish step, freestyle tap, and ISTD syllabus work. We use a variety of music and tempos to teach intricate footwork, developing a sense of timing in a fun way.

+ Jazz

A high energy class which starts with a warm-up and is filled with jumps, turns, kicks and challenging combinations of steps. Using the latest popular music as well as some classic pop songs and contemporary music, jazz promotes fitness with a focus on fun. Jazz develops flexibility and co-ordination of total body movement.

+ Modern

Modern is an expressive dance form that incorporates elements of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance and uses a wide variety of music styles. It is sometimes lyrical, sometimes percussive, sometimes interpretive, but always creative. Modern provides an excellent technical base and allows students to acquire a keen sense of body awareness as they develop posture, alignment and strength.

+ Hip Hop

Hip Hop is the latest craze in dance and music. Using the latest popular music and grooves, Hip Hop has tons of attitude. Get funky and have fun!

+ BOYS ONLY Streetfunk/Breakin'

This class is designed to get the boys moving! We introduce some basic breakin’ skills combined with Hip Hop style moves and grooves. It is a very upbeat and energetic program specifically to attract BOYS to the many great benefits of dancing. Three class levels available including ages 4-7 yrs. 6-8 yrs. and ages 8-11 yrs.

+ Acrobatic Arts

Ages 6 - 9 years | 8 - 11 years
Acrobatic Arts combines some fundamental gymnastic skills with dance movements to offer you a fun-filled yet challenging class. Our gymnastic coach will teach the basics of cartwheels, round-offs, rolls, and bridges and our jazz teacher will incorporate these skills with some basic jazz turns, jumps, and routines. As students progress, back walkovers, stunts and other more difficult tricks are included in class.

+ Broadway / Musical Theatre

A class for true performers and aspiring entertainers! Sing, Dance, & Act your way through mini-musicals, and experience what it's like to be a real stage star! Musical theatre teachers and dance teachers offer you their best exposure to the world of broadway!